Welcome to the craft site dedicated to raising funds for animal charities in the Dordogne.  

I have enjoyed crafting for many years and when I moved to France I was able to stop my hobby feeling quite so self indulgent by selling my “stuff” to support local animal charities. I donate all the materials used so, after the very generously tiny commission taken by my wonderful outlets, every cent the generous public spends to buy one of my unique “works of art” goes directly into the hands of those actively caring for animals in the Dordogne.

If you can help me raise funds to support these wonderful people who work so hard for the animals in their care, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting.

Failed AGAIN!

What makes me think open air markets and I are not a marriage made in heaven? For the second time, I got it wrong today. In July, Helen and I turned up and sat under brollies with the paint peeling … Continue reading

And then there were two!

I feel as if I am learning to ride a bike with a blindfold on! I am too old for this nonsense, of course, but when did I ever let that stop me? So all I’m attempting for today is … Continue reading

A few pictures

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Must try harder

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Not only but also

I don’t want anyone running away with the idea that it’s just cards. The mugs, however are now unavailable as Trudy gave up printing them. And I don’t tie as many knots as once I did. Thierry provides me with … Continue reading

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