A few pictures

They say a picture tells a thousand words (not sure how you’d count ’em) but I certainly felt the lack a a few with which to stud the last entry to help me tell the story.

How about a few examples of some of the new things I have been making,

Lugsley in the rain

the sorry state of Lugsley and Pretty Pink Porcelain Piggy Bank on a wet stall in Verteillac

and, the much loved cuties (to be featured in cards, gift tags and as a really perfect option to hateful emogies

Cutie Pies

Last of all, some new styles of bookmarks. These are such fun to do and can be given away, popped inside a gift and, of course, used to mark the page in my own books (as I never seem to read just one book at once there is need for a few new ones fairly regularly).


I will be keeping in touch much more often and look forward to a good report from the August Brocant.

Thanks for stopping by.

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