Like the rest of the world, or so it seems, I did the baking bit. I didn’t go as far as sourdough starters (they give ’em names, you know – mad as hatters) but I claim to have perfected focaccia (cherished memories of Tuscany), naan (less cherished memories of Bradford except for the Indian food) and pitta (better than bought cardboard).

I also started an image diary with a whimsical collection of photos of the garden, the cat, my home cut hair together with the odd cartoon and news headline. I also recorded ALL my artwork. That was revealing! It started off quite ordinary but got progressively odd and ended up quite dystopian. Watch this space . . .

But here we are in a second lock-down, phase 2 of which starts tomorrow (Dec 1 2020) so time to come up with something a tad more worthwhile. Serendipitously, my beloved mentor Eric has just let me know that a glitch in accessing this site has been resolved (sorry if ‘undreds of you have been trying in vain to get in). Fate telling me to have another bash at keeping this web site up to date?

I’m ashamed to see it was in 2017 that I last posted anything and since then I have become a tablet user so, before launching into fun pages, I will need to first transfer all that content to this trusty lap-top. I beg you to bear with me, stay tuned and wish me luck.

Stay safe and well.