Must try harder

The glitches with access all seem to be solved (touch wood) so I am going to try to update things a bit more regularly.

I have been doing quite a few new things in the atelier. I have been experimenting with watercolour and been seduced by the wondrous things it does on 100% cotton hand made paper. I have been making pretty little baskets (are they really baskets when they are not made of willow or cane) and pleasing everyone with cute as all out of doors cats and dogs.

I also tried to reach new audiences by taking a stall at a very successful local brocant market. Sadly, that Sunday in July was wet. Wetness and paper don’t mix but I am going to try again on 1st August.

The next trick is to get pictures taken on my tablet loaded here on my lap top so I can transfer them to illustrate this update.

It is all so very slow when you are as tech illiterate as what I am! Duh!

See you soon . . . . .

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