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An open door to the world of . . .

This image isn’t one of mine, I must admit. But isn’t it glorious!

I’d like to introduce you to some of the things I make.

The most popular are greetings cards. My “brand” is REALLY hand made because I never use “peel off and stick on” anythings: each card is unique. Of course, I re-visit the same images (this year’s grumpy penguins and miserable cats for example) but I try to make sure that even then the background or colouring or the sentiment is different in each one so I can still reasonably claim that each card IS unique.

The techniques I use are many and varied from the almost origami-like “iris folding” to simple water colour images. I use loads of different media from inks to encaustic wax. My tools range from a paint brush to a blow torch. I aim to provide an enormous range of colours, styles, textures and themes. The cards themselves can come in a number of different forms, too. Fancy folded cards can be most intriguing – the “never ending” card is fascinating!. I’m not sure there is a house style because I enjoy everything from pretty flowers in pastel tints to bold collage pieces. I hope to provide something for every taste.  I find commercially produced so-called “masculine” cards particularly dire with never anything other than sport, ships or guns featuring – I really can do better than that!

I’ve a soft spot for boxes. I make classy looking ones with cleverly designed closures to enhance a special gift. I make bright little ones for party favours to grace the table at a family gathering. If you’ve got something you want to keep in a special place forever, I’ve a box to fit the task.

One of my other passions is string. No, really – forget macrame – you really CAN do a lot with string . . . . (have a look at the “More than paper” page)

A simple little gift idea is a themed set of coasters – easy to post and almost infinite in variety. And should you get fed up with my artwork, they can be opened and the image replaced with a photo of anything you fancy. Quite why one might want to stand a coffee mug on the face of a loved one I don’t know – but you get the drift!

If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know . . . .





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